Ron PiercyLic Ac, MBAcC, KHT

Ron qualified in Acupuncture in 1986 and has continued to study Chinese Acupuncture ever since.

Ron has studied Traditional Chinese Medicine, Five Element Acupuncture and a number of Microsystems such as Auricular Acupuncture, where points in the patient’s ear are used; scalp, stomach and Korean Hand Acupuncture where the body is represented in the micro systems.

Ron is also trained in Magnet Therapy (using magnets and other materials instead of needles) and Spinal Reflexology where he works on the soft tissue down the spine, lower back and neck.

Recently, he has studied Facial Rejuvenation Techniques (Cosmetic Acupuncture).  He also uses Chinese Patent Herbal Formulas alongside the above as and if required.

He is a member of the British Acupuncture Council and has been in full-time practice for 24 years, working in Basingstoke and Reading.

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