Aromatherapy is the treatment of the mind and the whole body by the use of essential oils. These oils are extracted from natural sources: flowers, plants and trees. Some are seen to work directly with the systems of the body, for example soothing aches and pains. Others are seen to work with the mind, calming emotions and relaxing the client.

The aromatherapist does not seek to cure conditions, but helps the body to find a natural way to cure itself, to restore the balance of the body and mind and improve immune response. The aromatherapist will combine drops of different essential oils together to make a unique blend for the client.

Some blends will concentrate on the systems of the body, and typically range across the herb families of essential oils. Some will have antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal or antiviral qualities. Still others will range across the floral or so-called hypnotics, to help stabilise the emotions and calm the mind. When oils are blended in this way, different qualities in one oil will combine with other qualities in another oil. This is called synergy and it is the aromatherapist’s skill and understanding of this synergistic effect which makes each blend unique.

Smell is of primary importance in this treatment. The client must like the fragrance of the blend offered. Smell has a primal effect upon the brain through the nose, directly onto and into the limbic system (of the brain.)

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