Systemic (Family) Therapy

Systemic family therapy helps individuals to understand the systems that they live in. We need to know the relationships we have in order to fully understand who we are. We all have links with family, friends, schools, work, clubs and social groups as well as the larger links to religion, gender, nationality and language.

This therapy can help in family relationships. It helps individuals and whole families to understand how each is reacting, and how to manage close relationship. It helps us look at our own family life as children, and how this becomes the model for how we tend to function as adults. By fostering a clearer understanding of how and why we behave as we do, this therapy can help to promote more flexible approaches to relationships within the family, and more rewarding family life.

It can help families:

  • to resolve conflict – caused eg by unclear or conflicting rules, roles and expectations
  • to understand how to achieve clearer, direct and more compassionate communications
  • to understand parenting styles and helpful discipline
  • to deal with issues arising from merging families
  • with marriage counselling and relationship repair
  • to achieve better emotional connections between and among family members.

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