Maternity Reflexology

It is Clare’s great joy to be part of the miracle of life. Maternity reflexology is well-respected by most midwives and obstetric care-givers. This is a special time for any prospective parent: indeed, this form of reflexology is appropriate for both men and women seeking to optimise their fertility. It is also extremely beneficial for the expectant mother and again for her well-being post partum.

It is important for the therapist to have an in-depth understanding how of some-one is feeling as well as the physiological changes taking place. Special techniques have been developed to care for this very special time: very careful consideration is given to all safety issues and the individuality of each case. Each maternity reflexology session is unique.

Considerable research has gone into this treatment, pioneered over several decades by Suzanne Enzer, who was a mid-wife herself in Basingstoke in the 1960’s. Clare has accreditation for both parts of this two year course with Suzanne. As part of one case study, she was privileged to be part of the team leading to a successful birth. (Baby boy). Since then Clare has treated many expectant mums, and been part of the successful teams helping parent looking to conceive.

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