Vertical Reflex Therapy (VRT)

This adjunct to reflexology is very helpful for reinforcing the work of a standard session. VRT takes a few minutes at the beginning and the end of a normal session. The client stands on a towel, and thus the reflexes become available on the top of the foot, but more strongly. Because of this, the work is quite brief.

Some part of VRT may involve the reflexologist finding the matching reflexes on both the hand and the foot, and working them simultaneously. This is known as a synergistic treatment, as the one reinforces and amplifies the other. Another part of the VRT treatment may involve holding several points together on one foot. This process is again seen to reinforce the work on the reflex needing attention, giving a profoundly relaxing and beneficial treatment.

VRT has been pioneered by Lynn Booth whose well-respected books, DVDs and courses are available internationally. Clare has accreditation for three courses she has studied with Lynn, and she finds the techniques and deeper understanding gained from these courses an invaluable part of her practice.

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