Reiki is a form of natural healing. Its history goes back to Dr Mikao Usui at the beginning of the last century. He developed a system of healing and teaching which has been passed down from master to student ever since.

Students study the same system and could, in time, also become Reiki Masters, and pass down the knowledge and understanding of this healing system.

There is no need to undress. You may feel warmth or a feeling of deep relaxation. The Reiki therapist would explain this as the Reiki energy passing into and through your body.

The energy will reach every part of your body; it will pass through all your clothes, even through a plaster cast. You will lie comfortably on a couch, or sit comfortably in a chair, in the case, for example, of those in wheel chairs.

Reiki works on the whole body rather than on specific symptoms. Part of the treatment focuses on the energy centres in the body, known as chakras. These may be thought of as gateways to the energy currents running through the body, and link with the meridian energy lines in the body, charted by Traditional Chinese Medicine (and used by acupuncturists.)

Clare uses Healing Tuning Forks as part of the treatment. Clare uses the chakra set of forks, which complement a Reiki treatment beautifully. This sound therapy has been shown to be deeply relaxing.

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