About Healthworks

Healthworks was established in 1999, when a group of like-minded, enthusiastic and dedicated therapists came together. We decided then that we would run our clinic as a co-operative. No one person takes any money out of the business; we help and support one another and we are here to help you. Unique in Basingstoke, (and we think the South of England) we are confident in our abilities and skills; and that extends to our colleagues with whom we each work closely. If we feel you would benefit from a different approach, then we will open up a choice for you. You matter. Your health and well-being come first with us.

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Not sure which therapy would suit you best?

Clare Fisher acts as liaison therapist at Healthworks and can advise you. She has extensive knowledge and experience of the whole range of therapies, and will be happy to offer you a telephone consultation free of charge. Contact Clare on 07799 483864 or 01256 811745 or by email at info@healthworksclinic.co.uk.