Korean Hand Acupuncture
(Koryo Hand Therapy – KHT)

Korean Hand Acupuncture was developed by Dr Tae Yoo Woo in 1971 in Korea. He discovered that the hand is a miniature of the human body where the palm of the hand represents the front of the body and the back of the hand the back and spine of the body and the fingers are equivalent to the head and neck (middle finger), the arms (index and ring fingers) and the legs (thumb and little finger).

Treating points on the hand will work on the equivalent part of the body, which may be of benefit to patients who are not very mobile. Either small needles or press pellets (a small metal “spike”, which does not penetrate the skin, on a round plaster of about 10mm in diameter) may be used for this treatment. If needles are used they stay in place for about 20 minutes, whereas press pellets can be left on the skin for 2–3 days.

KHT can treat the same conditions as acupuncture and can be used as a stand-alone technique or in conjunction with body acupuncture.

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